Life Groups

At First Duncan, we offer a variety of different LifeGroups on Sunday mornings. There is a class for every age, stage and walk with Christ. Lifegroups are groups of people who do life together. Bible study, fellowship and discipleship are what we strive for. Find where you belong!

20's & 30's

Young Adults & Couples - Ed. Room 212

email - Kale & Britton Murphree

Branches - Ed. Room 209

email - Rusty

40's through 60's

Encouragers - Ed. Room 214

email - Debby

Daily Living - Ed. Room 204

email - Skipper

Living Free - Ed. Room 210

Renewal - Ed. Room 326

email - Scott


Parlor Class - LifeCenter Room Parlor

email - Johnny

Saints Alive - LifeCenter Chapel

email - Gail

Education Building Second Floor
Education Building Third Floor